How to Get Motivated to Clean House | 6 Ways to Spark Your Inspiration

Get Motivated to Clean House

Inside: Wanting to maintain a tidy space but having trouble feeling motivated to keep it that way? Try these 6 tips!

Get motivated to clean house with these 6 simple tips!

I’m a recovering mess-ignorer.

It’s true. I was a card-carrying member of Cleaning Haters Anonymous. Someone who used to walk right by the same mess multiple times a day before deciding it was time to take care of it.

The mom who would be frantic in the morning because I needed to throw the stuff from yesterday’s wash into the dryer so that my kids would have clean pants (…because I’d neglected to get to it the day before).

What I’m trying to say is, I understand.

This post isn’t coming from a neat-freak (no offense intended) who was born with a microfiber cloth in her hand.

I used to abhor cleaning. It’s still not my favorite thing (mainly because it takes time away from my favorite things), but I actually kind of like it now.

6 Ways to Find Cleaning Motivation

Here are some big steps to help you on your journey in the mess-ignorer recovery program.

Shine Some Light on the Situation

As soon as it’s light outside, my curtains come open. There’s just something about the sun that gives me a boost of energy and instantly lifts my mood.

Sun in Window -- Get Motivated to Clean

But if I keep the curtains closed in the morning, I’m more lethargic and slow to get things taken care of.

Simple, but effective.

Get Scent-Spiration

Another easy mood boost comes from whatever scent is in the air.

In the morning, I like to diffuse citrus scents (like grapefruit, orange, and lemon) because they energize me and give off an aroma that my brain associates with cleaning.

Essential Oils -- Get Motivated to Clean

Use Products You love

If I don’t like how something smells or it’s not easy to clean with, chances are, I’m going to avoid using it.

For me, a cleaning product has to tick these boxes:

  • Smells great
  • Not full of garbage
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg

If it does all those things, I’m pretty much sold. Almost all of my favorites can be found on Grove collaborative, meaning they also get shipped to my door every month.

Grove Products -- Get Motivated to Clean

If you want to try it out, you can use my code for a FREE 5-Piece Mrs. Meyers gift set!

Keep It Simple

We often WAY over-complicate the cleaning process. Like did the ancient women of old have a cleaning schedule with 5,042 items that they needed to check off weekly? No. Do you need a cleaning schedule? No.

I used to follow one. (I even made one over on my old blog that other moms could use… *cue eye roll*)

But all that jazz is just really unnecessary.

If you want to know more about what I do now instead, click here:

No Cleaning Schedule -- Get Motivated to Clean

Start With the Most Gratifying Tasks

If you can just get enough motivation to start AND you use it to do the thing that will bring you the right mental reward, it’ll be easier to keep the ball rolling.

For example, once I do my dishes and wipe out my sink, I love the way it looks. But it’s dampened by the fact that there are crumbs and a splotch of jam on the counter. So then I wipe those down. While I’m doing that, I notice some marks on the cabinet. So I tackle that. But now the whole kitchen is clean except for the grass on the floor, so I sweep that. And if I sweep in the kitchen, I might as well go do the dining room and living room too….

And it just keeps going.

So find the motivation to start with something that you know will bring you some satisfaction, and then roll with it.

Vacuuming Rug -- Get Motivated to Clean
Vacuuming is another task that motivates me to clean other areas in the room

Delegate Where Possible

Early on in this stay-at-home mom gig, I felt like I had to do it all myself. This was what I signed up for. I had wanted my job to be taking care of the kids and the home. That’s why I quit my 9-5.

So if I wasn’t able to do it all, I suddenly felt like I was failing at my job.

Which happened daily.

But if my husband tried to step in and help, I wouldn’t let him. I’d even get upset and apologize because somewhere there was kink in my brain making me think I was letting my family down. I wasn’t “good enough” at being a stay-at-home mom.

The weight of feeling like I had to do it all was crushing.

No one wants to be responsible for the cleanliness of the entire home while everyone else gets to make all the messes. It’s hard to find motivation when you’re in a situation like that.

With that being said, do I now find a lot of satisfaction in serving my loved ones and tending to the responsibilities of our home? Sure do!

BUT that doesn’t mean I have to go it alone. My husband is great at doing the things that slip through the cracks for me at the end of the day (and I let him now). And my kids are being taught about responsibility and being members of a team by taking care of the chores I’ve delegated to them.

This isn’t a one-woman show. If it was, there’d be a lot less accomplished in the day.

Kid Chores -- Get Motivated to Clean

How do you stay inspired and motivated to keep up with housework? Leave your tips in the comments!

Until next time,


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