Homeschooling a 2-Year-Old | Fun Learning Activities for Your Little One

Learning Activities for a Toddler

Inside: Thinking about teaching your little one at home? Homeschooling a 2 year old is simple with these educational activities!

Homeschooling a 2-Year-Old | Fun Learning Activities for Your Toddler

Hi, friend!

If you haven’t seen my original post on homeschooling a 2-year-old over on my first blog, you can check it out here:

Homeschooling a 2 Year Old post on

Last summer, I began homeschooling my 2-year-old daughter, as radical as that sounds. She was thirsting for knowledge, and I was more than willing to oblige. Homeschooling had been on my heart for years, so beginning to teach her just made sense.

What I DIDN’T want to do was make learning a dull experience and crush her blossoming curiosity before it truly got the chance to take root.

Our daughter ready for her homeschool lesson

So while I gave structure to her interest, we were also careful to keep learning fun. And before I knew it, we had sailed through nearly all of what I’d hoped to complete for the YEAR in only 6 months!

I quickly regrouped, got other (more challenging) materials, and she’s continuing to thrive.

So I want to share with you everything that we’ve used in the past year and how we implemented it.

Homeschooling a 2-Year-Old

Some of these learning activities are things we’ve done all year. Others are things we started in January or have slowly incorporated over time. We don’t do all of them in a day but follow a flexible weekly rotation. I may do a post or video of our general weekly schedule later on.

But these are the activities that we do on a regular basis to keep her engaged, challenged, and happy!

(To see a selection of the preschool homeschool curriculum we use and experience the general gist of homeschooling a 2-year-old, watch this video!)

Psst.. some of the following links are affiliate links through Amazon. That means that (at no additional cost to you), I’m compensated when you click a link and make a purchase. I promise to only recommend products that I personally use and love!


Every day, we start off our structured educational time by using our Melissa & Doug calendar. We go over the date, day of the week, season, temperature, weather, any special activities for the day, upcoming holidays, and her feelings for the day.

Calendar activity for small children -- Melissa and Doug calendar for homeschooling a 2 year old

During this time, I allow her to answer as many things as she can on her own. So for example, she’s usually able to tell me the month, year, season, temperature, holidays (once we’ve gone over them a day or two before), and feelings.

We look up the weather together on my phone. To figure out the date, we count together to see which number comes next. For the day of the week, we sing our song, which you can hear in this video. (Be kind! It was one of the first videos I ever recorded, and I wasn’t used to being on camera.)

I use the activities portion to get her ready for any transition that we’ll need to do later on in the day (like having a doctor’s visit).


The Good and the Beautiful PreK

I am NOT an affiliate for The Good and the Beautiful. Nor is this a sponsored post for them. I make NOTHING from recommending their curriculum to you. But I still recommend it because it’s something we truly enjoy, and I’ve seen my daughter thrive while using their products.

The Good and the Beautiful Pre K is full of great learning activities for homeschooling a 2-year-old

This is something we started in January and are loving!

Before purchasing, I watched lots of reviews and read plenty of blogs to make sure this was something that she could benefit from. After taking the plunge, I couldn’t be more happy.

Arwyn is writing letters, knows the difference between upper and lower case letters, and is solidifying her understanding of all letter sounds.

Letter Flip Books (Learning Activity)
Letter Flip Books (Learning Activity)

Plus, the curriculum is open-and-go, meaning I don’t have to plan that portion of our homeschool day. I just write down that we’ll be doing 1 lesson from the Good and the Beautiful on any given day and know that when we get there, whatever she learns will be relevant to what she’s been learning.

You can learn more about The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum here.

And see my FULL REVIEW on the Pre-K curriculum here.


We do Bible lessons a few times a week. At one point, we did them daily, but I felt that the information was getting jumbled for her. So we slowed it down a little and do a quick refresh of each passage on off-days.

This year we used this children’s Bible story book.

Our Bible for our small children -- just one of the many parts I love about our homeschool day.

I like it for the most part. There are a few things that I found didn’t stick to the Bible story being read, but this happened in only a few instances. otherwise, it was great at telling each story simply while still hitting all the main points and keeping her interested!


Letter Acorns

These were a Christmas gift that Arwyn got from her pappaw, and they have already proved their worth. Even on days when they aren’t part of my general lesson plan, Arwyn asks to do them.

Letter Acorns Learning Activity -- perfect for homeschooling a 2 year old.

Each acorn has a capital letter, and the lids have the lower case letter on the inside. They also come with little figures (like a pig, zebra, apple, etc.) that fit inside each acorn.

In the beginning, I had her only practice matching upper and lower case letters while saying the names of the letters. But now she puts the figures into their corresponding acorns too.

It’s a simple learning activity for her that’s also effective.


Toddler Learning Folder

I am NOT an affiliate for this product.

We’ve used this since August last year, and she loved it! It was part of our daily routine, but now we usually stick to 1 or 2 days a week (because many of the activities in the folder are no longer a challenge for her).

We used this Toddler Learning Folder as we began homeschooling our 2 year old.
Toddler Learning Folder

This binder teaches letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, fruit, animals, days of the week, articles of clothing, body parts, counting, vowels, visual discrimination, continents, and even planets.

All of the activities are great practice, and Arwyn learned so quickly with this binder! It gave her a great foundation that we’re now building upon. If you’re thinking of homeschooling a 2-year-old, I couldn’t recommend it enough as a starting point!

You can visit Jady A’s site on Teachers Pay Teachers and purchase the printable binder HERE.

Name Letter Unscramble

This is something I created on my own. All you need is an index card, scissors, and a marker.

Teaching my 2 year old to spell her name during homeschool time

I cut the index card in half (hot dog style) and wrote her name on the upper half. Then I cut the lower half into 5 smaller rectangles (for the 5 letters of her name) and wrote a letter on each piece.

Every morning, I would lay down the long piece with her name written on it and ask her to match the cut letters. She was able to spell and recognize her own name within only a couple weeks of starting.

Counting Puzzle

This was another Christmas gift for our homeschool.

Counting Learning Activities for a 2-Year-Old

Some of the pieces are for counting, and others are for basic addition and subtraction. With Arwyn, I’ve just used the counting ones so far. It took a while for her to understand one-to-one correspondence, and I don’t want to confuse her until she’s fully solid with her counting skills.

These puzzle pieces are brightly-colored and great as added practice for counting, addition, and subtraction.


(It also comes with a spelling puzzle set that the kids enjoy too!)

Wipe-Clean Books

Your little one can practice, wipe it clean, and use it again next time. With young children who are just learning to trace, it’s great to not have to waste paper!

Plus, it’s exciting for them when they get to use colorful Expo markers.

Wipe-Clean Books are perfect writing practice for 2-Year-Olds

Some of our favorite wipe-clean books are:


We enjoy trips to the library once a week (although we didn’t go every week when it was super cold). So I incorporated library time into our homeschool routine.

For more on that, check out this video:

Arts & Crafts

I know that not every mom is big into arts and crafts ( I get it!), but we do them as much as we can. I used to try to do them daily, but with adding other activities, that’s just not possible anymore. So we usually do a couple every week.

Crafts have helped Arwyn bring letters to life. We do them for every letter she’s learning to write.

Letter Crafts for Small Children -- Homeschooling a 2-Yer-Old

We also have done paintings or colored pencil drawings to go with Bible units.

Animal Flashcards

We’ve used these since the beginning of the year, incorporating a few animals at a time.

Animal Flashcards Learning Activity for 2-year-olds

I have the deck separated by ones she knows, ones we’re working on, and ones we haven’t started yet.

Animal Flashcards (Learning Activity for 2 year olds)

When she says the names of the animals, we make silly sounds together and pretend to be the animals. It’s a way to make using flashcards more fun for her, and she often asks to say her animals.


KiwiCo STEAM Boxes

KiwiCo is a company that encourages kids to fall in love with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. With a subscription, you get a crate shipped to your door every month. They’ve sent us crates with space projects, a claw arcade game, rainbows, musical instruments, ocean studies, a kaleidoscope, bug activities, and more.

STEAM learning Activities for 2-Year-Olds

We LOVE KiwiCo. All of my kids really enjoy STEAM activities anyway, so these crates were destined to be a hit.

We don’t get one every month, but every box that we’ve gotten, the kids thoroughly enjoy. And they’re fairly reasonably-priced.

To sign up for KiwiCo, you can use my link and get $10 off your first crate!

Sensory and Fine Motor

We do lots of sensory as well as little fine motor activities.

One thing that combines both of them is this great Play-Doh Shape and Learn set we got in December. Of course Play-Doh is a sensory medium but this box set also encourages fine motor skills.

Play-Doh Learning Activity for 2-year-olds

For example, after we stamp out some fun butterfly shapes, Arwyn can pick them up with the tweezers included in the box and drop them into one of the beakers while she counts them.

We have the “Make and Measure” set, but Play-Doh makes many other Shape and Learn boxes as well. Any of them would be great to use while homeschooling a 2-year-old.


A few other great fine motor tasks are using a hole punch, doing scissor work, and clothespin play. We’ve especially been focusing on scissors lately (i.e. how to hold them properly, what it feels like to cut paper, and trying to cut on simple lines).

For more fine motor activity ideas, check out this post:

It may seem like age 2 is a little early to start practicing with scissors, but there are plenty of safety scissors that are great for little ones. It’s something Arwyn really enjoys and that also helps her.gain more hand-eye coordination.

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Some of Our Favorite Books

We also have a deep love for reading. Some of Arwyn’s favorites include:

Interested in homeschooling your 2-year-old? Or maybe you already do! I’d love to hear what other people do for toddler learning activities, so comment below!

Until next time,


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8 thoughts on “Homeschooling a 2-Year-Old | Fun Learning Activities for Your Little One”

  1. Hallo please tell me how do I get to choose the grade for my 2yearold baby for the good and the beautiful please is it free as I saw


    1. Hi, Jane!

      So language arts for levels 1-5 of The Good and the Beautiful are free and downloadable online. But for a 2-year-old, you’d want to start with the PreK curriculum. It’s $35.97 on their website.

      On their website, they say to only start the PreK curriculum if your little one can count to 5 and recognize/say the words for apple, monkey, alligator, garbage can, elephant, and dinosaur.

      I’d also say don’t start unless they have some fine motor skills. There’s letter tracing in every lesson, so it’s also helpful if they’ve traced before — like in a wipe-clean book or something.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Hi, Sarah! I really just let her lead the way. Some days I’d only have a few activities planned but she’d ask for more. Other days, she only wanted to do a few and then was ready to finish up. But it usually ended up being around 30 minutes.


  2. Hi!
    Love your approach. We recently decided to home school our 31 month old daughter but im not sure where to start exactly. I do like the Good and beautiful curriculum you use and was wondering what exactly to buy from there. She knows the alphabet and recognizes almost all of the letters but we haven’t really practiced their sounds. She also know her colors, some shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and oval. She can also count to about 15 i believe. I would really like some advice on how to get the ball rolling so we can start. Also, how many different activities do you do per day when it comes to the good & beautiful, steam, fine motor, the toddler learning folder, etc. There is so much lol. I would really appreciate your advise.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Andrea! The Good & the Beautiful PreK was great for Arwyn. We’ve now finished it, and she’s working through their Primer K.

      PreK focused a lot on letter sounds as well as recognition and starting to trace. The letter flip books and games that came with it were a fun way for her to practice. We still use them! So I’d definitely go that route.

      As for the daily activities, we just cycled through based on what she was interested in doing that day. I tried to do what she was most excited about or what she requested to keep her actively engaged and in “fun” mode as much as possible. The Good & the Beautiful was our main focus, but we’d add in other activities daily as long as she was wanting more. (Around 3 or 4 activities total per day.) Hope this helps and good luck with your little one!


      1. Thank you for replying so quickly. For the good and beautiful did you only purchase the language arts portion of that curriculum? Or was it handwriting?


      2. No problem! Yepp, just the language arts for PreK. They didn’t have any PreK handwriting at that point. I’m not sure if they do now (just because they’re always adding new things!)


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